Install Atom behind corporate proxy





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Install Atom behind corporate proxy

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So you are doing some consulting for a large company and still want to use Atom. What takes around 5 minutes on your Mac at home is now going to cost you hours of time. This guide might save you some time…

1. Uninstall anything you have done.

2. Install  This is the best thing that has happened to Windows in a long time. Well this and Node.js…

3. Ensure that Atom + APM work from the command line. If this works you are lucky. They dont!? Add them to your path. I had to add the general path not the “full path” so add C:\x.x.x\1.1.x and not  C:\x.x.x\1.1.x\atom.exe. Same for apm C:\x.x.x\resources\bin and not bin\apm.cmd.

4. Follow the trick here to fix redirect issues.

5. Ensure proxy value is set in apm config. 

apm config set https-proxy http://yourproxy



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