Using jsformat with Sublime Text





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Using jsformat with Sublime Text

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I can be particular about how I like stuff formatted. JavaScript is no exception.

Since I use Sublime as my editor 98% of the time, I use jsformat to quickly clean up sloppy formatting. Installation is easy via package control.

By default, jsformat will only run against js files but you can change that by adding a custom key binding. Step-by-step: click the “Sublime Text” menu, then “Preferences” and select “Key Bindings – User”. In the file that opens, add:

{ "keys": ["ctrl+alt+f"], "command": "js_format"}

Once you’ve done that, press ctrl+alt+f anywhere and it’ll run jsformat. Slick. To drive it home, here’s a summary gif:
animated gif showing jsformat usage in sublime text

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