CSS font property shorthand does what?





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CSS font property shorthand does what?

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Here’s some CSS:

font: bold 18px 'Lucida Console',Monaco,monospace !important;

Besides the !important, see any warts? Me neither, at least at first. (And I’m not talking about using pixels as units. I don’t want to go there.)

I didn’t know this, but the shorthand for font in CSS includes line-height as well as all the font-* stuff you’d expect. I personally prefer longhand font-family, font-size, etc. since I never memorized the shorthand version and it can be finicky (much like background).

The issue above is that using 18px resets line-height to normal. This is problematic because line-height was defined elsewhere, and it’s now been reset which in turn makes things look wack.

Here’s the context for this: I was browsing around and I noticed that the + on their zoom-in button on a dataset page looked wrong. There are lots of design/layout/spacing inconsistencies throughout the site but I want to focus on this one. Why this one? Because the out of the box zoom button for a leaflet map looks great and there’s no clear reason to change it. Then again, someone probably had a reason.

Back to the issue at hand. The CSS from the top of post came directly out of their page. The fix is to specify line-height as part of the value for font. Here’s that fix:

font: bold 18px/26px 'Lucida Console',Monaco,monospace !important;

Here’s an annotated .gif showing the difference this makes:

Much better! Another, better fix would be to take that stuff out completely and use the default leaflet look.

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