Searching files and deleting a line that contains some term





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Searching files and deleting a line that contains some term

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How would you delete a line from one or more of hundreds of files in a tree of directories when a line contains a specific term? When this was put in front of me, I thought, “np, sublime can probably handle this”. As great as our text editors are, I don’t think this is a task they’re up to (except vim, there’s always a way in vim).

I didn’t want to go the route of writing code to solve this. My linux-fu is rusty at best, but I figured I could use sed or awk or one of those decades-old bulletproof unix utilies. After some quick googling/stackoverflowing, I came across an answer to Sed – Delete a line containing a specific string. Looks like that covers the “delete a line” part.

Now how about the “in a tree of directories”? Stackoverflow to the rescue again.

When I combined the two, I came up with:

find . -type f -iname *.html -exec sh -c 'sed -n "/lines-with-this-text-will-be-deleted/!p" {} > temp && mv temp {}' ;

I also used a find command tutorial for help with the -exec piece.


Author Starly

Posted at 1:10 pm August 18, 2014.

Heck of a job there, it abutsloely helps me out.


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