Abusing hue-rotate with NodeList





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Abusing hue-rotate with NodeList

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There’s a cool demo out there from Rene Rubalcava called MapTileSytler (source on github). The CSS used there only works in webkit browsers but it’s cool nonetheless.

After playing around, I put together a terrible example of what you can do with some of this stuff: check it out. Click the map to make it stop.

That page is changing each map tile’s hue-rotate CSS filter effect every 50ms.

Other than adding a little disco to a map, there is one other cool thing going on in that example. Notice that Dojo’s NodeList is used to manipulate the CSS for a collection of elements:

  "dojo/query", "dojo/NodeList-dom", ...
], function(query) {
  query("img.layerTile").style("-webkit-filter", filter);

Concise and readable.

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