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Esri JavaScript map center, zoom level and extent

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Several times a day, I need to find one or more of the following from a map on a web page using the Esri JavaScript API:

  • map center
  • map zoom level
  • map extent AKA bounding box

Most of the time, I want this info because I need it for a map I’m putting in something I’m building. I prefer that the map’s center is printed as a two element array with two floats (each with three decimal places, which is sufficient for a location specified in geographic coordinates), zoom level should be an integer and extent should be a string version of an object I can pass to esri/geometry/Extent. Extent coordinates should be integers since I’m almost always working in web mercator where decimal places mean very little and can be ignored.

Below are code snippets I run in a browser’s console for my preferred way to get each one. Use the simple map sample if you’d like to try these out on your own.

Map center:

(function(){require(["esri/geometry/webMercatorUtils"],function(w){var c=w.webMercatorToGeographic(map.extent.getCenter());console.log([parseFloat(c.x.toFixed(3)), parseFloat(c.y.toFixed(3))]);});})();

Example output:

[-122.45, 37.768]

Map zoom level:


Example output:


Map extent:

(function(){require(["dojo/json"],function(j){console.log(j.stringify(function(){var e=map.extent.toJson();e.xmin=parseInt(e.xmin);e.ymin=parseInt(e.ymin);e.xmax=parseInt(e.xmax);e.ymax=parseInt(e.ymax);return e;}()));})})();

Example output:


Admittedly, a couple of those are pretty ugly, but they get the job done. Rather than copy and paste these all day, or worse, type them each time, I use a wonderful little utility called TextExpander to map those snippets to shorter strings. I’m sure there are other utilities to do the same thing but I can’t recommend any since TextExpander works so well and I’ve never needed to search for alternatives.

When I want the map’s center, I open the browser’s console and type ;;center. For zoom level, I use ;;zoom. Extent? You guessed it: ;;extent. I use double semi-colon as the prefix for all my snippets so I don’t accidentally trigger these (I think this is semi-common among TextExpander users, I probably picked it up from Merlin Mann or Brett Terpstra).

One caveat with all of this stuff: a page’s map has to be available via a global variable. If a page’s map isn’t global, you’re out of luck.


Author Tom

Posted at 10:59 am February 20, 2014.

Great tips! Thanks for sharing!


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