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Simple StateFace Stuff

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After playing around with Stately yesterday, I remembered another icon font I told myself I’d play around with: StateFace.

StateFace doesn’t let you make maps of the US the way Stately does, but rather lets you easily embed state shapes in your content. To get a feel for how it works, I put together a few simple pages:

  • State Codes: type away and see which state corresponds to each letter
  • State Phrase: see what a word or phrase looks like using StateFace
  • State List: retrieve state names and abbreviations and build a couple of lists

None of these are particularly useful but they were fun to code. All files and code for both are on Github in our state-face-examples repo.

The great thing about both StateFace and Stately is that you can easily embed state shapes or make maps with minimal effort. The functionality you get is limited, but you get out what you put in. If the requirement is to display some information by state, these two are plenty capable.

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