Crossfit Regions – ArcGIS web map style.





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Crossfit Regions – ArcGIS web map style.

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CrossFit Regions – On an ArcGIS online map. This was an excuse to try out a lot of different things. Most notably an excuse to use an web map in a “real” application. Esri has the basic viewer with a lot of sample code on how to hook into the map but reading and doing are two different things. I needed to actually crack it open and play around. As always I still have a few pieces to finish up but I decided to put it up anyway. I used Twitter Bootstrap  for the CSS and was using the awesome JQuery plug-ins as well. The problem here is that loading full JQuery and then Dojo makes for a slow experience. Being a heavy web map anyway I can not validate going that route. The good news is that with the new AMD stuff in Dojo the future is bright on using parts and pieces of projects as the base size will be way down. Anyway back to the app. Some searches on google and I found this code for bootstrap-dojo. Basically a few of the plug-ins written in Dojo. Being that I am trying out new stuff this seemed like a good fit. I will be grabbing this again in the future as it is updated. Who knows maybe I can add to it…

I found a Crossfit map (pdf) on last years games site. I could not find a more recent map so I used that to create some shapefiles. I could probably get the best performance gain by spending some more time reducing the overall size of that data but I am not that worried yet. I might make a few changes and add some attributes for more robust queries in the future so it can wait. I did all of the symbology on which seems to work really well. Again, I plan on going back in a changing a few things in the future. I have two amazing thunderbolt displays so when I “dial” it in on my machine and look at it again on a smaller screen I usually need to make some changes. My plans are to add in some animation. Basic style changes and then add in some geocode/reverse geocode functionality.

I highly recommend you check out the games on


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