MLB teams on a map? No problem.





Using jsformat with Sublime Text 26th July, 2014

There are many d3 demos like this but this one is mine 08th June, 2014


MLB teams on a map? No problem.

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Spring training is officially underway. To celebrate, I decided to put together a custom layer (subclass of esri.layers.GraphicsLayer) to show Major League Baseball team logos on a map. Of course, I’m using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. Check out two demos I put together using the new layer:

There are several things I’d like to discuss about what each demo does, but I’m going to save that stuff for some future posts. I plan on talking about creating picture marker symbols from base64 strings instead of images, joining tabular data to the MLB layer, closing a map’s info window using the escape key and the MLB layer’s custom methods, among other things. Until I get around to writing/posting those, please poke around the source for each demo and post questions in the comments or tweet at @bearpanther.


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