Putting Instagram on a map





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Putting Instagram on a map

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You know Instragram, right? Not only is the app fantastic, but they also have a pretty kick-ass API. It’s read-only but that’s all you need to start building an app with it.

I spent a little time this past weekend putting together a simple single-page web app to display photos from Instagram based on a location or a tag. There are many sites around that do this but this one is mine:  instamap. I’m almost certain that it’s the only one around using dojo and the ArcGIS API for Javascript.

Bonus:  After putting photos on the map, I realized it would be nice to just see what’s currently popular on Instagram. Again, there are plenty of sites around that show Instagram’s popular photos but I had fun building my own version:  instapopular.

I won’t go into a the technical specifics of either in this post. I plan to publish a short series talking about the different pieces of the apps and how you could build something similar. Until then, feel free to dig into both via your browser’s nifty view source feature. The JavaScript is commented and readable as I didn’t use a minifier. Enjoy!

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